E999 — пищевая добавка, антифламинг: экстракт квилахи, quillaia (quillaja) extract (Е999)

Quillaia extract consists mainly of saponins which are extracted from the bark of the Quillaia Saponaria Molina or Quillay Bark trees that are native to Peru and Chile. The colour and taste of the extract is depended on the level of purity. Quillaia extract is mainly used as a foaming agent in beverages (see list below) and also as a humectant in baked goods, frozen dairy products, and puddings.

Quillaia bark infusion has good foam capabilities due to the presence of saponin, a non-poisonous, white powder. Saponin is a glucoside which will yield quillaic acid and quillaia-sapotoxin upon decomposure. The latter products are both poisonous irritants, however it is the sapotoxin which foams upon shaking. Quillaic acid is also known as 3,16-dihydroxy-23-oxo-12-oleanen-28-oic acid. Used in the production of foam on non-alcoholic beverages. Use is banned in a number of countries. Used medically as a stimulating expectorant.

Common Uses

Used as a humectant in foods such as baked goods, frozen dairy products, candies, gelatine and puddings. It is predominately used as a foaming agent in soft drink beverages such as root beer, creaming soda, bar mixes, wine coolers, ginger beer, schnapps, barley drinks, slush type syrups, juices, and water based flavoured drinks such as sport and electrolyte drinks.



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