E955 — пищевая добавка, антифламинг, подсластитель: сукралоза (трихлоргалактосахароза), sucralose (trichlorogalactosucrose) (Е955)

Sucralose is the only non-caloric artificial sweetener made from sugar. It is 400-800 times sweeter than sucrose (sugar) and tastes like sugar with a lingering sweet aftertaste. It is chemically produced by the selective chlorination of sucrose (sugar) in which three hydroxyl groups are replaced with chlorine. This produces an odourless white crystalline powder that is soluble in water, and has a high degree of stability over a wide range of pH, temperatures, and storage conditions making it perfect for use in baking, canning, or in products that require a long shelf life. It is synergistic in effect and can be used with Acesulfame potassium.

In animal test before being accepted in Australia, they showed detrimental effects to the thalamus glands, liver and kidney enlargement, and renal mineralisation.

Common Uses

Used as a table top sweetener, in baked goods, baking mixes, bakery products, desserts, dessert mixes, toppings, canned fruit, fillings, dry milk products, dairy beverages, dairy desserts, frozen desserts, puddings, pudding mixes, cereals and cereal products, fruit spreads, processed fruit and vegetable products, beverage concentrates, beverage mixes, still beverages, carbonated beverages, sugar preserves and confectionery, confectionary coatings, confectionery glazes, table syrups, alcoholic drinks, vinegar, pickles and sauces, salad dressings, condiments, chewing gum, breath freshener, sweetened seasonings, and coatings mixes for snack foods.



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