E953 — пищевая добавка, антифламинг, подсластитель: изомальт, изомальтит, isomalt, isomaltitol (Е953)

Isomalt is a low-caloric sugar-free bulk sweetener derived from the sugar in beets and is a member of the polyols or sugar alcohols. It can replace sugar in a 1:1 ratio, has half the calories, and the same texture and appearance of table sugar. Isomalt is a mixture of the hydrogenated disaccharides gluco-sorbitol and gluco-mannitol. It is an odourless white crystalline substance that is soluble in water and is stable at high temperatures and varying pH making it useful in prolonging the shelf life of products. Isomalt is also used as a bulking agent, an anti-caking agent that prevents stickiness in baked goods and candies, and an anti-browning agents that prevents caramelisation and browning. It has synergistic sweetening effects when combined with other sweeteners and can act to mask their bitter aftertastes.

Sugar substitute and humectant. Suitable for diabetics as it does not have a significant affect on blood glucose or serum insulin levels. Can cause softer than normal stool and intestinal gas. Not permitted in infant foods. Not listed for use in Australia.

Common Uses

Used in hard candies, chewing gum, soft candies and caramels, chocolate, fudge, nougat, baked goods, cream fillings, breakfast cereals, cereal bars, snacks, jams, jellies, conserves, ice-cream, sorbets, icings, dessert powders, soft drinks, and in sugar-free or dietetic foods.



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