E913 — пищевая добавка, антифламинг, глазирующий агент: ланолин, lanolin (Е913)

Lanolin is a natural greasy yellow substance obtained from the fleece of sheep. Sebum (wool grease) is extracted from the wool, cleaned, refined, bleached, deodorised, and dried to produce anhydrous lanolin.

Contains 25% water as a water-in-oil emulsion and is used as an ointment base, an emollient for the skin, and in chewing gum.

Common Uses

Used either alone or with soft paraffin, lard, or other fats as a base for ointments, emollients, skin foods, salves, and in chewing gum.



Анонсы статей о здоровье, обзоры пищевых добавок и многое другое.