E907 — пищевая добавка, антифламинг, глазирующий агент: поли-1-децен гидрогенизированный, hydrogenated poly-1-decene (Е907)

Microcrystalline wax is a type of creamy white to dark brown wax produced by de-oiling of petrolatum as part of the petroleum refining process. In contrast to paraffin, microcrystalline wax is a lot finer and may vary in character depending on the crude oil used. See 905c/E905c.

For tablet coatings, chewing gum. Polishing, release and stiffening agent. Banned in Australia. Avoid it.

Common Uses

In foods, waxed/surface treated fruit and vegetables, chewing gum, hard and soft confectionary, and rind of ripened cheese to name but a few.



Анонсы статей о здоровье, обзоры пищевых добавок и многое другое.