E636 — пищевая добавка, усилитель вкуса, ароматизатор: мальтол, maltol (Е636)

Maltol is a naturally occurring organic compound that is found in the bark of larch trees, pine needles, and roasted malt. Commercially it is produced by the extraction of larch trees, or by the roasting of malt, or produced by heating lactose and maltose. It produces a white crystalline powder that is very soluble, and has a distinct caramel/butterscotch smell.

Artificial sweetener, flavour enhancer used in baked goods to give a 'fresh baked' taste and smell in bread and cakes, chocolate substitute, soft and fizzy drinks, ice cream, jam. In large quantities it can help aluminium pass into the brain to cause Alzheimer's disease. Sometimes lactose (from cow's milk) is used. It should thus be avoided by vegans. It does not contain lactose and can be used by lactose-intolerant people. Acceptable daily intake (ADI): Up to 2 mg/kg bodyweight. Some countries ban it for babies and young children.

Common Uses

Used in breads and cakes, soft and fizzy drinks, ice creams, jams, chocolate substitutes, and confectionary.



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