E629 — пищевая добавка, усилитель вкуса: гуанилат кальция, calcium guanylate (Е629)

Calcium guanylate is the calcium salt of guanylic acid also known as GMP. It is a nucleotide composed of guanine, ribose, and one phosphate group formed during protein synthesis. It is an ester of phosphoric acid with the nucleoside guanosine. It produces an odourless, colourless or white crystal or crystalline power that is slightly soluble in water and is used as a flavour enhancer in food.

Calcium salt of guanylic acid (E626), a natural acid, which is part of RNA, one of the genetic carrier molecules in the cell. It is thus part of all cells in all living organisms. Commercially prepared from yeast extract or sardines. Guanylic acid and guanylates do not have the specific umami taste but strongly enhance many other flavours, thereby reducing the amounts of salt needed in a product. Used in many products, mainly in low-salt/sodium products. Acceptable daily intake (ADI): None determined. Guanylates may not be used in products intended for children under 12 weeks. Asthmatic people should avoid guanylic acid and guanylates. As guanylates are metabolised to purines, they should be avoided by people suffering from gout.

Common Uses

Used in instant noodles, potato chips and snacks, savoury rice, tinned vegetables, cured meats, low-sodium and low-salt products, and packet soup.



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