E585 — пищевая добавка, регулятор кислотности, лактат железа, ferrous lactate (Е585)

Ferrous lacate is the iron salt of lactic acid, which is a natural acid produced by the fermentation of lactose (milk sugar). It is produced commercially from the bacterial fermentation of carbohydrates and molasses. It is used as an acidity regulator, colour retention agent, and to fortify foods containing iron.

Acceptable daily intake (ADI): up to 0,8 mg/kg bodyweight. Side effects: None known. Lactic acid and lactates can be consumed by all religious groups, vegans and vegetarians. Although the name refers to milk, it is mot made from milk and thus suitable for people with milk allergy or lactose intolerance.

Common Uses

Used as an iron supplement in foods and infant formulas.



Анонсы статей о здоровье, обзоры пищевых добавок и многое другое.