E551 — пищевая добавка, стабилизатор, загуститель, диоксид кремния, silicon dioxide (Е551)

Silicon dioxide more commonly known as silica, is an oxide of silicon (sand or quartz) and is the most abundant mineral in the Earth's crust. It is formed by exposing silicon to air (oxygen), forming a thin crust of silicon which produces several different forms depending on the temperature and conditions used. It produces a white powder that is insoluble in water, and is used as an anti-caking agent, anti-foaming agent, as well as a filtering agent to remove protein and yeast in beer. It is also used as a vitamin supplement (for hair, nails and connective tissue and helps in reducing inflammation).

Common Uses

Used in beer, dried milk, confectionary, powdered sugars, processed cheese, fat spreads, and salt.



Анонсы статей о здоровье, обзоры пищевых добавок и многое другое.