E539 — пищевая добавка, регулятор кислотности, антиокислитель, тиосульфат натрия, sodium thiosulphate (Е539)

Sodium thiosulfate is a chemical compound that is commercially produced from liquid waste products of sodium sulphide. It can also be prepared by heating an aqueous solution of sodium sulphite with sulfur. This produces a colourless to white crystalline compound that is very soluble in water, and is used as an anti-browning agent, anti-oxidant, and sequestrant in foods.

Synthetic compound. Used as anti-oxidant, especially to inhibit browning in potato products. Acceptable daily intake (ADI): Up to 0,7 mg/kg bodyweight. Side effects: Thiosulphate is converted into sulphite and has similar side effects, see E221.

Common Uses

Found in potatoes, and potato products.



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