E536 — пищевая добавка, регулятор кислотности, антиокислитель, ферроцианид калия, potassium ferrocyanide (Е536)

Potassium ferrocyanide, commonly known as yellow prussiate of potash is a chemical compound that is produced when hydrogen ferrocyanide and potassium hydroxide are combined. It produces a lemon-yellow monoclinic powder at room temperature, and is soluble in water, and insoluble in alcohol. It is used as an anti-caking agent in food, and as a colour when combined with iron to produce Prussian blue.

Synthetic crystallising agent. Metal removal in wine, anti-caking agent, seasonings, spices. By-product of coal gas production; low toxicity, reduces oxygen transport in the blood, which in turn may cause breathing difficulties, dizziness or headache. Banned in the United States.

Common Uses

Used in wine to remove copper from grapes, and as an anti-caking agent in salt.



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