E526 — пищевая добавка, регулятор кислотности, уплотнитель, гидроксид кальция, calcium hydroxide (Е526)

Calcium hydroxide also known as pickling lime is a soft white powder or a colourless liquid that is produced commercially by mixing calcium oxide with water. It can also be precipitated by mixing calcium chloride with sodium hydroxide. Calcium hydroxide is a strong alkali that is used as an acidity regulator, and firming agent in foods.

Mineral salt made from lime as a firming and neutralising agent used in making beer, soap and glazing pretzels, infant formula as a mineral, cocoa products, sour cream, edible fats and oils, jam, tinned vegetables. Strong alkali used as acidity regulator, for example in wine. A solution of calcium hydroxide can be used to preserve eggs. A solution of calcium hydroxide and sugar (1:3) is used to regulate the acidity in frozen products. In strengthens the structure of vegetables during processing. No adverse effects in small quantities.

Common Uses

Used in wine, cocoa products, dried fish, and sweet frozen desserts.



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