E519 — пищевая добавка, регулятор кислотности, консервант, сульфат меди, copper (II) sulphate (Е519)

Mineral salt, anti-caking agent which is manufactured but occurs naturally and used for making azo dyes. Fed to pigs to stimulate growth. A cumulative poison. Essential mineral for many body functions such as making blood and tissues to fighting infections. Naturally in meat, cereals, vegetables. Used in infant formula as a mineral supplement. NOT TO BE TAKEN ON ITS OWN.

Copper sulfate is a mineral salt that is naturally found in meat, cereals, and vegetables. Commercially it is prepared by reacting various copper (II) compounds with sulphuric acid. This produces a series of different compounds ranging from blue crystalline solids to gray-white powders. Copper sulphate is mainly used in agriculture, in livestock feeds, and to stimulate growth in pigs. It can also be used as a mineral supplement in infant formulas.

Common Uses

Naturally found in meat, cereals, and vegetables and is used primarily in agriculture and livestock feed. It can also be used in infant formula as a mineral supplement. It is not to be taken on it’s own.



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