E516 — пищевая добавка, регулятор кислотности, уплотнитель, сульфат кальция, calcium sulphate (Е516)

Mineral salt occurs naturally in the form of gypsum, and may be used as a sequestrant in food as well as a buffer and firming agent. Artificial sweetener base, bleaching agent for bread rolls, flour, tinned tomatoes, soy tofu, dried egg, cheese products, tooth paste. Used in mortar, cement and plaster of Paris. Derived from limestone. No known adverse effects.

Calcium sulphate is a white solid and very soluble compound that is naturally found in gypsum and anhydrite, which may be extracted by deep mining, or open-cast quarrying. It is used as a stabiliser, metal binding agent, bleaching agent and a nutrient for yeast in bread, and as a safe calcium supplement.

Common Uses

Used in bleaching agent for bread rolls, flour, cheese products, dried egg, tinned tomatoes, and mineral supplements.



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