E504 — пищевая добавка, регулятор кислотности, минеральные соли: карбонаты магния, magnesium carbonates (Е504)

(i) Magnesium carbonate - Mineral salt, anti-caking, adjusting, bleaching, modifying agent. Medically used as an antacid and laxative. Magnesium is used in the treatment of heart attack patients, and promotes the health of arteries, bones, nerves and teeth, low-sodium salt substitute, table salt. Other names: magnesium carbonate, magnesium (II) carbonate n-hydrate.

(ii) Magnesium hydroxide carbonate (syn. Magnesium hydrogen carbonate) Magnesium hydrogen carbonate is used mainly as a buffer and anti-caking agent, but it is also used as an anti-bleaching agent. Typical products include sugar, salt, other granular foods.

Magnesium carbonate is a naturally occurring mineral, but commercially it is prepared by mixing magnesium and carbonate ions under an atmosphere of carbon dioxide. Magnesium bicarbonate is prepared by exposing magnesium hydroxide to carbon dioxide under pressure. This produces a very light, odourless white powder that can be used as an acidity regulator, alkali, bleaching and anti-caking agent in foods.

Common Uses

Used in many foods including dried whey and whey products, powdered sugar, and salt.



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