E477 — пищевая добавка, стабилизатор, эмульгатор: эфиры пропиленгликоля и жирных кислот, propane-1, 2-diol esters of fatty acids, propylene glycol esters of fatty acids (Е477)

Propane-1, 2-Diol esters of fatty acids - emulsifier, stabiliser. Combination of propanediol and natural fats. Normal fat consists of glycerol and fatty acids, for these products glycerol is replaced by propanediol. The fats are mainly from plant origin, but also fats of animal origin may be used. The product generally is a mixture of different components. Can be derived from petroleum; no known adverse effects. Used in confectionary, soft and fizzy drinks, toppings, ice cream, processed meat. Both components are normally present in the body and will be metabolised in the normal way. High concentrations of propyleneglycol can cause eczema in sensitive persons, but not normally from the use in foods. Although mainly vegetable oils are used, the use of animal fat (incl. pork) can not be excluded. Several groups, such as vegans, Muslims and Jews thus avoid these products. Only the producer can give detailed information on the origin of the fatty acids. Chemically the fatty acids from vegetable or animal origin are identical. Avoid it.

Propylene glycol esters of fatty acids are produced by the esterification or transesterification of propylene glycol and fatty acids. The fatty acids are normally derived from plant origin, but may also contain animal fats. This results in a white or cream coloured waxy solid, or white to yellow beads or flakes. These are used as emulsifiers, and stabilisers in foods. Emulsifier, stabiliser. Avoid it.



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