E461 — пищевая добавка, загуститель, эмульгатор: метилцеллюлоза, Methyl cellulose (Е461)

Prepared from cellulose, the main polysaccharide and constituent of wood and all plant structures. Commercially prepared from wood and chemically methylated. Thickener, emulsifier in baked food, diabetic food, soft and fizzy drinks, jelly, jam and many of 410. Can cause flatulence, distension, intestinal obstruction.

Methyl cellulose is a semi-synthetic polysaccharide with its primary component being the cell walls of green plants and algae. Commercially it can be prepared from wood and cotton. It produces a hydrophilic powder that when dissolved, forms a clear viscous gel used as a thickener, and emulsifier in many foods.



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