E430 — пищевая добавка, стабилизатор: полиоксиэтилен (8) стеарат, polyoxyethylene (8) Sterate, Polyoxyl 8 stearate (Е430)

Synthetic compound, produced from ethylene oxide (a synthetic compound) and stearic acid (a natural fatty acid). Emulsifier, stabiliser. Potentially cancer-inciting. See E432. Used in sauces and (mainly) cosmetics. Acceptable Daily Intake: Up to 25 mg/kg body weight for the entire group of compounds in the 430-E436 range; on the other hand, it has not been specified for the individual compounds. Side effects:

No known side effects in the concentrations used. People intolerant of propylene glycol should also avoid the group of 430-E436. These compounds (430-E436) contain fatty acids, which are nearly always from vegetable oils; however, use of animal fat (including pork) cannot be fully ruled out. Chemically, the origin of these compounds cannot be determined; only the producer may provide information on the origin.



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