E322 — пищевая добавка, антиоксидант лецитин, lecithins (Е322)

Lecithins are also known as phosphatidylcholines, and are examples of phopholipids, or esters of glycerol, where two ester bonds are to fatty acids and the third is to a phosphoric acid derivative. Most commercial lecithin is extracted from soya beans, egg yolks and leguminous seeds, corn or animal resources; non toxic; used to allow combination of oils in margarine, chocolate, mayonnaise, milk powder, potato chips, puddings, breakfast cereals.. Lecithins play important roles in the transmission of nerve impulses as well as fulfilling other biological functions. They are present in all living cells and are significant constituents of nerve and brain tissues. Lecithins are capable of forming micelles in aqueous solution hence are employed in foods as emulsifiers. Egg allergy.



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