E285 — пищевая добавка, консервант тетраборат натрия, бура, sodium tetraborate, borax (Е285)

Borax has many industrial uses including as an added ingredient in washing powders, water softeners and soaps. Borax is also mixed with clay and other substances to produce porcelain enamels which is used in pottery, sinks etc. It is also used in the glass industry, the textile industry, in tanning leather, and in the manufacture of paper. Borax is obtained by mining of boron-containing rocks, or by recrystallisation from water sources. A major source of borax is the mineral kernite, abundant in the Mojave Desert. Other names: borax decahydrate, boricin, disodium tetraborate decahydrate. Possible risk that this may cause reproductive disorders, based on tests with laboratory animals. Eye and skin irritant. Harmful by ingestion. May be harmful by inhalation.



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