E260 — пищевая добавка, консервант: уксусная кислота, acetic acid (Е260)

Acetic acid (ethanoic acid) has been used for hundreds of years as a preservative (vinegar, French for "sour wine"). If during the fermentation of grapes or other fruits, oxygen is allowed into the container, then bacteria convert the ethanol present into ethanoic acid causing the wine to turn sour. Acetic acid may be synthetically produced using methanol carbonylation, acetaldehyde oxidation, or butane/naphtha oxidation. Pure acetic acid is termed "glacial", and is completely miscible with water. Typical products include fish fingers, butter, margarine, processed cheese, curry powder, cooking oil. Other names: ethanoic acid. Acetic acid is strongly corrosive and causes serious burns, as well as being a lachrymator.



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