E173 — пищевая добавка, краситель: алюминий, aluminium (Е173)

Aluminium is a naturally occurring element, present in a normal healthy diet. It is used in food as a metallic surface coating. There is evidence that aluminium accumulation in body cells could be toxic and linked to Parkinson-type diseases, or that skeletal deformations could occur. Pure aluminium is a silvery-white metal that is capable of taking a high polish, has high thermal and electrical conductivity, has excellent corrosion resistance, is non-magnetic, malleable and ductile. It is the most commonly occurring metal in the earth's crust (8.3% by weight), and as well as being used in the food industry, is also used in the construction and aerospace industries, in aerosol cans and foil. Production of Al metal involves the following: (i) extraction, purification and dehydration of bauxite; (ii) the electrolysis of Al2O3 dissolved in molten cryolite. Typical products include sugar coated flour confectionery, silver coated tablets. Not currently listed for use in Australia. Avoid it. Suspect of being a neurotoxic hazard and been linked to osteoporosis.



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