E1400 - пищевая добавка, стабилизатор, загуститель: декстрины, dextrins (Е1400)

Dextrins are a groups of carbohydrate polymers prepared by roasting starch in the presence of an acid catalyst that changes the properties of the starch. Starch is a natural polysaccharide derived from the seeds, roots, and leaves of corn, wheat, potato, rice, tapioca and sago. The properties of dextrin change with the heat and acid treatment applied, as does the varying degree of solubility in cold water. The end result is a very fine white or yellow powder that is soluble in water and used as a thickener, stabiliser and binder.

Common Uses

Used in fermented milk, drinking yoghurt, flavoured milks, whipped creams, unripened cheese, whey products, fat-based desserts, semi-preserved or frozen fish and some seafood, coffee, coffee substitutes, tea, herbals teats, hot cereal, breakfast oats, pre-cooked pastas and noodles, batters, starch based desserts (rice pudding, tapioca), dried or heat-coagulated eggs, pie fillings, sauces, salad dressings, soups, puddings, custards, confectionary, and many more.



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