E132 — пищевая добавка, краситель индиготин, индигокармин, Indigotine, Indigo carmine (Е132)

Commonly added to tablets and capsules; also used in ice cream, sweets, baked goods, confectionary, biscuits; may cause nausea, vomiting, high blood pressure, skin rashes, breathing problems, brain tumours and other allergic reactions. also as a diagnostic aid (e.g. in kidney function tests), as a titrimetric indicator of Cr(II), Sn(II), Fe(III), and Ti(III). Indigo carmine is also used as a photometric detector, and a biological stain. It is normally produced by a synthesis of indoxyl by fusion of sodium phenylglycinate in a mixture of caustic soda and sodamide. The chemical structure of indigo was determined by Prussian chemist J. F. W. Adolf von Baeyer in 1883. Typical products include milk deserts, sweets, biscuits. Banned in Norway.



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