E122 — пищевая добавка, краситель азорубин, кармуазин, Azorubine, Carmoisine (Е122)

Carmoisine is a synthetic azo dye which yields a red to maroon powder and usually comes as a disodium salt.

E122 may be carcinogenic. Can produce bad reactions in asthmatics and people allergic to aspirin; and can cause hyperactivity, urticaria and oedema. It is also used in photometric determination of Mg, Pd, Cu, Sn, Cr. Typical products are confectionary, marzipan, jelly crystals, puddings, cakes, jams, sauces, sweets, yoghurt, soups. Banned in Austria, Japan, Norway, Sweden and USA.

Common Uses

Used in jams, jellies, marzipan, preserves, breadcrumbs, brown sauce, and cheesecake mixes.



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