E121 — пищевая добавка, краситель Цитрусовый красный 2, Citrus Red 2, Orcein, Orchil (Е121)

Citrus Red 2 is a synthetic food dye which is extracted from several species of lichen, also known as orchella weeds. Citrus Red 2 yields an orange to yellow colour, and can also be a dark red powder.

Orcein and orchil are colourings derived from archil, the lichen Rocella tinctoria. Orcinol is derived from the lichen and then converted to orcein (a reddish-brown dye, also used as a microscopical stain) by the action of aqueous ammonia and air. Orchil is a purple-blue dye. Orcein is a mixture of compounds with a phenoxazone structure, composed of hydroxy-orceins, amino-orceins and amino-orceinimines (see molecular diagrams). Hans Musso (1925-1988) published many papers about orcein.

Common Uses

This is only used in the USA to coat oranges, although this dye is considered a carcinogen, it does not penetrate through the orange peel to the pulp.



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