E120 — пищевая добавка, краситель кошениль, карминовая кислота, кармин, Cochineal, Carminic acid, Carmine (Natural Red 4) (Е120)

Cochineal is a natural red colour which is derived from the insect Dayctylopius coccus, which feeds off various cacti plants. The body and eggs are used to extract the Carminic acid to produce the carminic dye. It is very soluble, oxidation resistant, light, and heat stable.

Rarely used; the HASCG recommends to avoid it, especially hyperactives, rhinitis sufferers, urticaria, asthmatics and aspirin sensitives. a natural red colour obtained by crushing of the female Dactilopius coccus, a cactus-dwelling insect indigenous to Central America. The dye is expensive due to the sheer quantity of shells required to produce a small amount. Alcoholic drinks may contain the water soluble form (ammonium carmine), but the insoluble calcium carmine is found in a many more products. Other commercial uses include as an antineoplastic agent, as a 0.025% solution in concentrated H2SO4 for photometric and fluorimetric determination of B, as an indicator and diagnostic agent (gives colour reactions with Mg, Ge, Pb, Zr, Th, Mo, U). E120 has been linked to the cause of allergic reactions. Banned in USA.

Common Uses

Used in alcoholic drinks, processed poultry, sausages, bakery products, biscuits, jams, icings, cheddar cheese, sweets, and sauces.



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