E1104 - пищевая добавка, усилитель вкуса и аромата: липазы, lipasess (Е1104)

Lipase is an enzyme that hydrolyses (breaks down) lipids, in particular triglycerides into fatty acids, diglycerides, monoglycerides, and glycerol. It acts specifically on the glycerol part of the lipid. Lipase is prepared from many fungi including Rhizopus niveus, Mucor miehei, Candida rugosa and Aspergillus oryzae (carrying a recombinant gene), or animal derived. Commercially it is used as an emulsifier and processing aid in the breakdown of fats and oils, and as a flour treatment agent in baked goods and bakery products, and as a flavour enhancer in fermented soy products.

Common Uses

Used in baked and bakery products, cheese, yoghurt, soy sauce, miso, egg and egg products, dairy-based flavouring preparations, and in oils.



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