E1101 — пищевая добавка, улучшитель муки и хлеба стабилизатор, усилитель вкуса и аромата: протеазы, proteases (Е1101)

Protease is an enzyme that hydrolyses (breaks down) proteins into amino acids, and is widely used in bread making as a bread improver/flour treatment agent and raising agent. It acts on the yeast and gluten to improve the extensibility of the dough and strengthen the structure of the bread to retain the CO2 produced that causes the bread to rise. There are several types of proteases and some are derived from natural fruits. Proteases include papain (papaya), bromelain (pineapple), ficin (fig tree latex).

Common Uses

Used in bakery products, baked goods, flours, breads, meat cuts, fish, egg and egg products, beer, ales, malt liquors.



Анонсы статей о здоровье, обзоры пищевых добавок и многое другое.